An Hour Away, Home for Cooperation, 2017

Site-specific sound intervention in Cyprus’ buffer-zone during daylight saving.

Three-channel sound diffusion, real-time signal stretching, max/msp, diy paralobic mic w/ IKEA (FOTO) pendant lamps, found cement tiles. Part of άκ02 event series.

On October 31st 2016, following a political decision, the buffer zone that divides the island of Cyprus existed periodically 'out-of-time'. Following what Ignasi de Solá-Morales Rubió defines as a terrain vague, the buffer zone became uniquely vague since not only space but also time within became indeterminate; a temp vague, if you will.

άκ02 presented a sound intervention that addressed that temporal indeterminacy existing within the zone. With the help of  self-designed parabolic microphones using IKEA* (model FOTO) pendant lamps, the microphones were placed on a terrace within the buffer zone and picked up sound from across either side and were manipulated in real-time, before it reached the speakers.

From a naive but critical stance, given that the border delineated these two different time zones paradoxically from North to South, sound within the buffer zone picked up from either side would have to adhere to the temporal transformations that the political status quo prescribes.

Hence, the three-day, three-channel sound installation is an aural experiment on time stretching and an imaginary, admittedly and knowingly falsified, series of attempts at time travelling, until March 26th when the paradox reaches its apex and time zone difference is resolved, or at least suspended, until the next daylight saving time change.

(άκ02 press release)