An Hour Away, 2017

S.R.S. (Sick Room Syndrome), ongoing

Viva Vida Frugal, 2021
Sediment Versions (I-IX), 2020


live@subaerial, 2018-2022
G.A.S. Redux, 2019
as free, 2019
Money Riddles, 2018
Islands, 2018 - ongoing
Oswaldo III, 2016-ongoing
Univocal:Univocal:Univocal, 2016

Subharmonics (Oi, Oii, Oiii), short story, 2022
Kobo Abe Reduxshort story, 2019
Play ‘Em, short story, 2019

Stereo mixdown from live quadraphonic performance at the Old Church, in Stoke Newington (London) in support of Pataphysical's release on 12th Isle. May 29, 2019
Mostly comprised of sounds composed in London from 2010-2016.

Image and sample source (on min: 27) © DyingLlama
london-free.squez · as free(london 2010-2016)