An Hour Away, 2017

S.R.S. (Sick Room Syndrome), ongoing

Viva Vida Frugal, 2021
Sediment Versions (I-IX), 2020


live@subaerial, 2018-2022
G.A.S. Redux, 2019
as free, 2019
Money Riddles, 2018
Islands, 2018 - ongoing
Oswaldo III, 2016-ongoing
Univocal:Univocal:Univocal, 2016

Subharmonics (Oi, Oii, Oiii), short story, 2022
Kobo Abe Reduxshort story, 2019
Play ‘Em, short story, 2019

Paper Presentations

2022 - Towards a Topological and Materialist Synthesis of Sound     Xenakis22, Athens
2021 - Can One Hear the Shape of a Marble Drum?      FARM2021, online
2021 - Materialist Synthesis     Indeterminate Futures/The Future of Inderminacy, Aberdeen
2021 - Fluidics and Materialist Logics     New Materialist Informatics, Kassel
2020 - Material Composition     Algorithms that Matter, IEM, Graz
2019 - Kobo Abe: What more can the human be?     Deleuze Studies, Tokyo 2018 - You Are Here: Crossings and Time Indeterminacy within the Buffer Zone     SMC, CUT, Limassol 2016 - Xenakis and Topological Thought     Continuum, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
2016 - To Render Audible     Audiblevisions, Goldsmiths University, London
2015 - Homeomorphic Sound     The Dark Precursor, Orpheus Institute, Ghent
2013 - Monstrous Multiplicity     Deleuze Studies, Lisbon


2021 - Detritus Bonds, w/ Peter Eramian, part of Social Sculptures, Beuys100, Limassol.
2014 - Spatial Manifolds, Manifold Times, ETH CAAD, Zurich
2014 - Let’s Deviate: All the way to infinity, Normalcy, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 
2013 - Riemannian Manifolds and their role in Deleuze’s philosophy, ETH CAAD, Zurich

Curation / Art Direction

ongoing - Moneda
2020WADS garden, Ars Electronica