I’m a Cypriot-Dominican musician and artist.

Previously I taught mathematics, studied philosophy and I did workshops on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze as an independent scholar, whatever that means. These days I lean more towards video installations, exhibition-specific performances and writing essays for artists’ publications.

I compose for clubs and gallery spaces. And I also dj. I try to keep regular mixtapes for friends and I do the occasional radioshow. I have also composed for dance and film.

In Cyprus I have initiated and curated numerous series of sound events and listening sessions and in 2018, I started Moneda, a label/publishing house initiative that flirts with the aesthetics of money and tries to rethink value(s).

I oscillate between Cyprus and Phoenix, AZ where I am pursuing a transdisciplinary PhD in Media Art and Science, at ASU, in which I am looking at the ontological relationship between the digital and matter, both in theory and in practice.

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