An Hour Away, 2017

S.R.S. (Sick Room Syndrome), ongoing

Viva Vida Frugal, 2021
Sediment Versions (I-IX), 2020


live@subaerial, 2018-2022
G.A.S. Redux, 2019
as free, 2019
Money Riddles, 2018
Islands, 2018 - ongoing
Oswaldo III, 2016-ongoing
Univocal:Univocal:Univocal, 2016

Subharmonics (Oi, Oii, Oiii), short story, 2022
Kobo Abe Reduxshort story, 2019
Play ‘Em, short story, 2019

Radio residency at Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio.

nuum FM, first part of residency reimagines the music produced during the HARDCORE CONTINUUM into a soundwalk through the allies of Ayia Napa.

MF nuum: a dj archeology, a backspin on the opening work nuum FM. Here I approached radio through its “transmission-reception” operation in a dual form: its political character in the history of pirate radio and its ecological role in bat’s echolocation. Though a “dj archeology” approach that digs through discogs’ release catalogues and treats radio waves as a disseminated site for sonic excavation, all these drawn lines and references run in parallel to the sonar echoes of military radar and bats, both serving as navigational devices that help one make sense of their vicinity. In the overlayered soundscape of field recordings and rave culture’s sonic semiotics, MF nuum ultimately frames a certain dialectics between radio infrastructures and cultural hegemony and highlights the complexities of the diasporic production of culture.